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It is clear that there is a general requirement for all of us to save and to plan in pursuit of our own future financial security. More than that, many people of all ages and situations in life have plans and aspirations that go beyond mere ‘adequacy’ into achieving lifestyle objectives. However, modest or extravagant, selfish or selfless, it is a simple fact that, in most cases, money is required to fund those objectives and aspirations.

Each of us has a set of values which are important to us. These values are individual and we will spend time with you so that we can understand your aspirations and the values that lie behind them.

We too have values which influence the way in which we run our business and the way in which we advise you. The adviser-client relationship works most effectively when we know and understand these values and when they are aligned.

  • Our money may have been hard earned or a gift.
  • Money is earned as part of a balanced lifestyle.
  • Money is earned or invested, not for itself but for its utility.
  • Money is a tool to be used for spending, saving and giving.
  • It is invested with wisdom and spent with care.

There are few certainties when we are discussing financial planning and investments. Neither the world we live in, nor the investment performance we seek are predictable and controllable.

However there are some principles which will greatly influence how we advise you:

Save more

Provision for your financial future requires you to commit resources to meeting your goals and objective.

Spend less

It may be that meeting your lifestyle objectives in the future means you need to adjust your lifestyle in the present.

Reduce charges

Higher costs are only worth paying if they lead to higher returns and while higher returns are by no means certain, higher charges cause a calculable drain on whatever market returns are available.

Reduce taxation

Taxation strategies and rates can (and do) change on a regular basis but the minimising of your liability to tax on income, capital and assets provides an important source of investment returns.

Change the objective

Sometimes it is simply not possible to meet your objectives without unacceptable changes to your lifestyle or inappropriate risk to capital in which case you may for example need to postpone retirement for a couple of years, or adjust your plans in other ways.

Anderson Ross is more than just a financial and accounting firm

Assisting you in achieving your objectives

Anderson Ross is more than just a financial and accounting firm. We have the knowledge and experience to make your life simpler by educating you about your alternatives, relieving the burden of tax assessments, and providing you the flexibility to do what you do best, whatever that is.

Maintaining healthy relationships

Maintaining healthy relationships

We're just a phone call away; tell us about your present circumstances, and we'll help you figure out what measures to take next.

Good relationships and abilities

Good relationships and abilities are our primary concern

We provide you with a tax-effective solution that allows you to be as creative as possible.

We believe in the highest quality

We believe in the highest quality.

We take care of the tax and accounting headaches so you can focus on what you do best: operating your company.

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